Live Music

Come see the live music you've been craving before our outdoor movie. 

Please wear a mask! If you don’t have one, we will unfortunately not be able to serve you. They must be kept on at all times unless consuming food or drinks. Dogs are unfortunately not allowed per health code.

The Endless Winter: Outdoor Shows at the Lyric  

10/22 - Michael Jennings
10/23 - Russick Smith (Eccentric Multi-instrumentalist)
10/24 - Fun Screen
10/29 - Poudre Valley Playboys
10/30 - Halloween Spectacular! featuring: Cactus Cat, Mega Fawn, and Chelsea Beth
10/31 - King Crawdad and Friends
11/5 - We Talk More on Whensday
11/6 - Night, Champ (Indie Surf)
11/7 - Wine Date
11/12 - Los Toms
11/13 - Desert Denizens* featuring The Crooked Rugs (Desert Rock)
11/14 - Shad Buxman and the Graveyard Shift
11/20 - Cactus Cat Classic (Adventure Indie-Surf)
11/27 - Maxwell Tretter (Cinematic Guitar)

*Desert Denizens features members of Cactus Cat collaborating with friends in a largely improvisational mission to create something new and unique over an organic hour of exploration.  

All shows are 5:30-6:30 with the exception of Halloween Spectacular! (5:30-7:30)